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Payment systems and digital commerce

Eversheds Sutherland can help you shape the future of digital commerce. With a deep understanding of the issues affecting payment services and digital e-commerce generally, our payment services teams have considerable experience working with clients at every stage of the payment processing cycle. Our payment systems and digital commerce legal team spans offices internationally and can guide you through the complex interplay of business trends, technological developments and a rapidly changing legal landscape.

Legal advice on payment systems and digital commerce

Our lawyers provide advice on non-sector-specific legislation such as unfair terms, plain English, treating customers fairly, money laundering, e-commerce, and data protection. When things go wrong, our team of experienced litigators can help you to resolve your disputes quickly and effectively, achieving your commercial goals while remaining in control of the process and costs.

We advise at a European, U.S. and international level, on all legal aspects of payment services law and regulation, such as the Single Euro payment Area (SEPA) initiative, including compliance with the SEPA Migration Regulation and the relevant SEPA rulebooks and frameworks. Members of our team have completed secondments to banks, building societies, card issuers and other non-bank payment institutions, and to a major card payment scheme.

We combine an understanding of the business of electronic payment and digital commerce, knowledge of technological trends and extensive legal experience to find creative solutions for you.



Our payment systems and digital commerce team

If you would like any further information or need advice on payment systems or digital commerce law, then please do not hesitate to contact our legal team.

Experienced payment systems lawyers

The payment services sector is constantly evolving and the trend for ongoing and sophisticated U.S., European and UK regulation seems unlikely to change. Cash transactions are on the decline and plastic, e-payment and mobile wallets are changing the face of payment processing. Our team appreciates that you need to understand the changing landscape, respond to issues as they develop and position your business at the cutting edge of the new world of payment.

We have extensive experience in the commercial and retail banking industry and a special focus on innovation in financial services, including mobile payment and e-money.

Our clients include payment processors, financial institutions and technology providers. From card payment networks, credit card issuers and merchant acquirers, to payment facilitators and e-money providers, our specialist teams are experienced in all aspects of payment processing across a wide range of areas and jurisdictions across the world.

Our lawyers advise on payment law and regulation including banking codes of conduct, payment services regulation, e-money regulation and payment accounts regulation. In addition, we advise on a wide array of transactions in the payment sector, including joint ventures, processing agreements, bank sponsorship agreements, technology licensing, and acquisitions.

Experienced digital commerce lawyers

Our digital commerce team provides support and advice across a wide variety of economic sectors including telecommunications, biosciences, financial services, diversified industrials and chemicals, and retailers setting up e-commerce operations. We have an acknowledged strength in helping clients based in the U.S. who need to address the question of cross-border compliance.

This extensive experience enables us to ask the right questions and anticipate potential problems when structuring commercial and corporate arrangements, ranging from joint ventures, acquisitions or capital financing to risk, compliance and commercial issues associated with your online presence. In addition, our team can help you attract and retain exceptional talent through employee benefits and executive compensation know-how and bring to bear a broad knowledge of corporate law, commercial law, securities, finance, taxation and litigation.

Our team knows the current norms in the industry in terms for corporate and commercial joint ventures, growth equity and acquisitions. We understand the important intellectual property issues and keep at the cutting edge of the technological developments which have revolutionized how customers select goods and services and make payment, including Mobile Wallet and M-Commerce transactions. In response we structure deals and establish business relationships that take into account all of the distinctive stress points in the industry.

In some areas, we represent numerous industry participants facing similar challenges. For example, we operate the Eversheds Sutherland SALT Digital Economy Forum, which provides legislative monitoring and advocacy, as well as a venue for sharing insights and research, for businesses grappling with the complicated state and local tax landscape in the digital economy.

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