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Corporate Secretarial Services

Board advice and support

For many corporations there is a need for assistance with board and committee meetings.  We have developed a service to meet this demand, with extensive experience in providing board support in many jurisdictions.  Clients include companies from a range of industries, including quoted and regulated companies. 

We are able to tailor the support provided to your needs and can include:

  • Attendance by a suitable team member to take a record of any board and committee meetings either in person or by telephone;
  • Scheduling of meetings;
  • Setting of agendas; and
  • Circulation and the delivery of papers for the meeting

Interim Support

We also appreciate that on occasion extra resources may be required and offer a flexible secondment service to fulfil your company’s needs.  Due to our experience, we are able to provide secondments at various levels of seniority.  In the past year we have seconded team members to a variety of clients, including a number of banks and quoted companies. 

 Secondments can help you during:

  • Year-end preparation
  • Maternity leave
  • Meetings of the directors or members
  • Transactional support