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Directors Duties

In a world where companies have expanded across the globe there is an expectation that individuals will assume the role of director wherever the company may be registered. Understanding and becoming aware of the duties and responsibilities of being a director in those jurisdictions helps reduce the risks that both the company and the individual face. Our Corporate Secretarial Services team has experience advising large multi-national corporates of the risks their directors face.

Directors Duties Handbooks

We have developed Directors Duties Handbooks for clients to ensure their directors are kept informed of their responsibilities, powers and liabilities. We tailor each handbook to the activities of the company and can emphasize not only with corporate law considerations but also a variety of areas such as;

  • Health and Safety Law
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Cyber risk; and
  • Anti-bribery and corruption.

Furthermore, the handbooks can be drafted to contain a range of practical information to answer questions ahead of time on matters such as minimum number of directors, residency requirements and tax registration obligations of the director. We aim to provide practical, succinct and clear guidance for application by directors in their day to day activities without excessive legal jargon. 

We have already developed Directors Duties Handbooks for a range of multinational clients spanning over 60 jurisdictions. The briefs are drafted by a range of specialists and coordinated by our experienced team to develop a practical tool which will provide guidance not only to directors, but also your in-house legal team.  We have found that in-house legal teams benefit from the handbooks, serving as a reminder of minimum corporate governance requirements, which assists with undertaking year-end formalities and, for example, deciding on new directors or registered addresses.

Once tailored and drafted for a client, we also believe that the handbooks then serve as a basis upon which to carry out more personal training, be that face-to-face or via Skype or telephone conference.  This provides directors and officers with the opportunity to ask further more detailed questions to our expert teams, based on the handbook information already provided.  This multi-level approach to director training ensures that your officers are fully informed of all their duties, and ensures that they are fully informed of the liabilities which are specific to their business sector.

For further information on how we can assist your companies and its officers please contact Andy Casey.

Your responsibility as a director

Found below are useful video summaries of directors duties in various jurisdictions around the world. These videos are a comprehensive guide to the responsibilities and duties that a director possesses by virtue of their position. They also provide key advice to officers on how best to protect themselves from issues that may arise during their term. These videos are made by our experienced Corporate Secretarial team who are at hand to help coordinate your global corporate secretarial matters.

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