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Corporate Secretarial Services

Worldwide Compliance

Trying to find information on the legal framework in jurisdictions around the world can be time consuming and potentially costly. Konexo has set up Worldwide Compliance, an online, international and cost effective tool specifically designed to help multinational companies manage their foreign subsidiaries more efficiently, providing you with a base understanding of routine corporate procedures ahead of time.

Worldwide Compliance is a web based resource that can be accessed from any computer.

It contains information on routine corporate procedures in more than 70 jurisdictions, such as:

  • incorporation of a new entity
  • annual compliance requirements to keep an entity in good standing
  • name change
  • transfer of shares
  • change of director
  • distributions

Access to the differing requirements in each jurisdiction increases efficiency.

Clients frequently ask the same questions when instructing simple changes or at the start of a transaction. Konexo worldwide compliance website provides an invaluable first point of reference for clients when considering a corporate action in a foreign jurisdiction. The information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, so you can be confident you have the latest advice.

Worldwide Compliance:

  • reduces the risk of non-compliance with differing statutory obligations overseas
  • demonstrates good governance/risk management
  • increases visibility and control of foreign subsidiaries
  • provides instant access to information relating to differing time zones
  • enables greater certainty when planning and costing transactional work.